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How do I initiate a purchase?
The Datatel online requisition must be used for the purchase of all goods and services over $100. Purchases under this amount should be combined. After the requisition is fully approved in Datatel, the Purchasing Department will solicit the necessary competition; secure all required documentation from the selected bidder; and, for purchases $17,500 and greater, secure Board of Trustees approval. Thereafter, a purchase order will be issued.
How do I check on the status of a requisition entered in Datatel?
It is the user department’s responsibility to check the approval status of a requisition entered in Datatel. The Purchasing Department is precluded from soliciting the required competition absent all required approvals.  The user department should monitor requisitions entered in Datatel in order to ensure that all required approvals are entered in a timely manner.
What if purchases exceed the value of the awarded contract?
The user department must monitor all contract expenditures. In the event the user department concludes that an amount greater than the awarded contract is necessary, user department must enter a requisition in Datatel, referencing the contract purchase order and documenting: (1) why the contract amount as awarded was insufficient; and (2) the work remaining or the additional goods and services required.
If the contract was $17,500 or greater, or if the requested increase results in the contract being $17,500 or greater, Board of Trustees approval of the requested contract increase must be secured. In no event shall additional work or goods and services be ordered or accepted until a purchase order reflecting the additional amount is issued by the Purchasing Department.